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Please click on the title to go to the respective study homepage. This is only available to members logged in in the homepage. If you would like to participate, please visit the respective links, if you are not TBnet member yet, please contact the respective PI.


Nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) lung disease has several distinct clinical manifestations in distinct patient populations. This study "MAC genetic divergence and associated diseases" wants to assess associations between particular MAC subtypes and specific disease manifestations and to study differences in MAC species and subtype distributions between the participating centers and countries in patients who were recently diagnosed with pulmonary M. avium complex disease and who met the American Thoracic Society diagnostic criteria for NTM lung disease. PI is Jakko van Ingen, isolates and data are collected, sequencing has been performed, data analysis is in progress (8/2014)


This study titled "Evaluation of non-tuberculous mycobacteria effect in the tuberculosis infection diagnosis" test the hypothesis, that the majority of discordant results between positive TST and negative IGRAs in children is due to non-tuberculous mycobacteria infection. Non-BCG vaccinated children (<14 years old) enrolled for contact tracing studies or for screening of LTBI, with a positive TST and a negative T-SPOT.TB as well as negative healthy controls (children (<14 years old) with negative results for TST and T-SPOT.TB) as well as positive microbiologically confirmed controls (individuals with microbiologically confirmed NTM infection) will be included. Since the study population is mostly pediatric, centers seing children for contract tracing are searched for participation. For further information please log in and follow this link (you need to be a member) or contact Jose Dominguez, the PI of this study.


In this "Prospective molecular epidemiological case-control study on NTM lymphadenitis in children" a multinationalpatient cohort of children with NTM infections and matched controls will be established and molecular epidemiological host-pathogen-interaction studies initiated in order to identify genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors in the etiology and outcome of NTM infections among children. The study has been initiated in Germany in October 2010 and is ongoing in Germany (8/2014). PI is Alexandra Nieters from Freiburg, Germany, who can be contacted for further informations.


The NTM-CaMoMy Study is a prospective comparative randomized treatment study of MYcobacterium xenopi pulmonary Infections with either rifampin + ethambutol + ClArithromycin or rifampin + ethambutol + MOxifloxacin (CaMoMy, NCT01298336), that started off in France in 2011, and is now recruiting centers in Europe. Anyone treating patients with M. xenopi pulmonary infections should contact the PI of this study, Claire Andrejak.


In this "Clofazimine-QT" study we prospectively assess the potency of clofazimine to induce QT-prolongation in patients with NTM-diseases treated with clofazimine. Anybody who treats NTM-patients with clofazimine is wellcome to join this ongoing study. Please contact Jakko van Ingen for further details.


In this "Diversity of M. malmoense" study we will perform whole genome sequencing of M. malmoense strains from Japan/Europe, South Africa and the US hypothesising that European strains have virulence factors / pathogenicity islands that are absent in US and Japanese strains. Jakko van Ingen is PI of this study.


In this "Radiological scoring in NTM-PD" study we retrospectively evaluate the usefulness of quantitative radiological scoring in MAC pulmonary disease using a recently published method that has been applied in a study corrleating nutrional status with radiological scores (Link). Chest X-rays and CT scans from MACPD patients from different countries will be scored in one center (Fukujuji Hospital, Tokyo, Japan)in a blinded fashion. PI is Kozo Morimoto, whom you can contact to become a participating center.


The aim of this European NontuberculouS MycoBacterial Lymphadenitis in childrEn study .is to determine the senisitivity and specificity of TSTs and IGRAs for the diagnosis of NTM lymphadenitis in children. The secondary aim is to compare the effectiveness of different medical and surgical treatment starategies for NTM lymphadenitis. It is a retrospective /prospective, international, multicenter observational cohort study that started in Spain in March 2015 where patients are already included. PIs are Antoni Noguera Julian (email: and Marc Tebruegge (email (for a core study team).