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24.08.2012 The NTM-NET has now more than 140 members (that are registered at the website), from 23 European and 18 Non-European countries.
The protocoll of the first NTM-NET / TBnet prospective randomized treatment trial for the treatment of prospective randomized treatment trial for the treatment of M. xenopi pulmonary disease has been approved by the TBnet SC with minor revision after an indepth review process. The trial is already ongoing in France, study centers are currently recruited, please contact the PI Claire Andrejak or read here for further informations (you have to log in as a member first).
24.09.2011 The 2 nd NTM-NET Meeting in Nijmegen hosted by Jakko van Ingen wsa very constructive and successful. Several preliminary results were discussed as well as new studies proposed. NTM-NET members can access the meeting minutes here.
18.09.2011 To allow a smooth transition of the SC in 2012 - for the period 2012 until 2015 - members of the TBnet SC including the representative for NTM-infections were elected. Dirk Wagner, the only candidate for NTM-infections, was reelected as NTM representative of the TBnet Steering committee.
18.09.2011 The NTM-NET has now more than 100 members (that are registered at the website), from 19 European and 15 Non-European countries.
26.06.2011 Jakko van Ingen, the most active NTM-NET networker from Nijmegen, receives the Gertrud Meissner Award for excellence in mycobacteriology.
30.11.2010 The NTM-NET is growing. At the end of November members from 15 European and 12 Non-European countries have registered at the Webpage. Please see NTM-Membership for further informations.
22.10.2010 The NTM-WORLD MAP Study on respiratory NTM isolates from the year 2008 has started. For further information please login in the members site and follow this link or if you have access to the NTM-NET workbench please login there and see under studies or follow this link. You can also just e-mail Jakko van Ingen or Dirk Wagner for further informations.
24.06.2010 Presentation of the NTM-NET by Jakko van Ingen on the Dutch Tuberculosis Diagnosis Days (NTDD), Bilthoven, The Netherlands
02.06.2010 The NTM-NET shower study proposal (PI Dirk Wagner) including seven different institutions in seven different countries is winning one of two TBnet research grants in a TBnet competition of 15 proposals that were each externally reviewed by four independant reviewers.
28.05.2010 Presentation of the NTM-NET by Dick van Soolingen at the National meeting of brazilian mycobacteriology reference labs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16.05.2010 Presentation of the NTM-NET at the Conference of the American Thoracic Society, New Orleans, USA, by Dirk Wagner & Jakko van Ingen. Positive response in the international scientific NTM-community leading to worldwide expansion of NTM-NET.
The NTM-NET workbench - where research ideas and projects are developed - is opened at to NTM-NET researcher
06.12.2009 - the webpage of the NTM-NET where NTM-NET affairs will be posted and published - is online
Presentation of the NTM-NET at the Meeting on Mycobacterial Infections in Regensburg by Stefan Blaas
27.11.2009 Presentation of "NTM-NET and an epidemiological study proposal of NTM infections" at the German-Austrian Diagnostic Mycobacterial Working Group in Regensburg by Alexandra Nieters
25.11.2009 Presentation of the NTM-NET at the Mycobac-Meeting in Medellin, Colombia by Martina Sester
5.-6.11.2009 1st NTM-NET-Meeting in Freiburg, official foundation of the NTM-NET
04.11.2009 Dirk Wagner elected NTM representative of the TBnet Steering committee
11.09.2009 Approval of a NTM-representative to be elected into the Steering committee at the TBnet-Meeting, endorsement of "NTM-NET" as a branch of TBnet