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Worldwide networking and cooperations
are essential
to study rare diseases.




is an international network to promote clinically oriented research in the field of non- tuberculous mycobacterial diseases around the globe by sharing and developing ideas and research protocols

Latest News NTM-NET

Here you find NTM-NET related news, NTM-NET-tweets and NTM Twitter-News (@ntmnet) and NTM-related publications (@ntm_papers). You can provide informations on news that should be listed by contacting

NTM-NET Meetings

Informations on meetings related to tuberculosis or nontuberculous mycobacterial infections and on our NTM-NET meetings are provided under this link. If you wish meetings to be listed, please contact the NTM-NET using

NTM-NET Membership

Membership to TBnet, NTM-NET or ptbnet is free. To become a NTM-NET member you should contact us at Please complete the sign-up-form for the TBnet (NTM-NET & ptbnet are branches of TBnet) and submit it to the TBnet secretary before registration at the website. Read more...

  • NTM-NET Chair - Elections ongoing until 3.9.2017

    Ending term of chairing the NTM-NET – Upcoming Elections

    The constitution of the TBnet calls for change of positions in the Steering Committee every three years. This includes the position of the representative for NTM in the TBnet SC. Since the NTM-NET is a branch of the TBnet and we do not want to change this, this position in the TBnet SC is at the same time the position as chair of the NTM-NET.